Architectural Lighting Design Articles

Architectural Lighting Design Articles

This section of the Architectural Lighting Design videoblog contains various articles written specifically to help you understand what lighting design is all about. These articles range from product reviews to industry insights from Annette Hladio, President of ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING DESIGN, LLC. and her clients.


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Jeff Goldblum


In a new two minute video posted on YouTube, Jurassic Park and Independence Day leading man Jeff Goldblum ditches his smart scientist guise to play "Terry Quattro: Famous Person", who is apparently a cross between Wayne Newton and Hugh Hefner by his hairstyle and clothes.



Transparent Car Roof


( -- BASF and Philips have achieved a practical breakthrough in the development of OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology that allows it to be integrated in car roofs. The OLEDs are transparent when switched off, allowing for a clear view outside the vehicle, yet providing light only within the vehicle when switched on. This OLED lighting concept for car roofs is the result of a longstanding cooperation between BASF and Philips in the research and development of OLED modules.




Top Ten Lighting Designs

2014 Decorative Products


This circular suspension fixture serves as a source of light and music. Equipped with a 36W LED module, the matte or glossy white lacquered metal disk doubles as a speaker and is fitted with an FM radio and a Bluetooth 2.0 connection. Suspended from a white cord, the luminaire can be installed in single or tandem arrangements over spaces such as a dining table. Created by Axel, Leucos.



Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio Goes Green

Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest movie is “THE WOLF OF WALL STREET”  but if he were making a movie about his current life style it might be titled “HOW GREEN WAS MY CONDO” Mr. DiCaprio has ventured in the bright lights of environmental lighting design in a big way.  He recently purchased an environmentally friendly $10 million condo located on (well I’m not giving out his address) a very nice street in Greenwich Village, NYC?



The Smart bulb


In 1964 my parents went to the world’s fair in New York City. They were totally impressed with the exhibits and in particular the technology. They fell in love with the home of the future pavilion. It had everything, and I mean everything you could ever want in a home. From a home dry cleaning system to the “Menu-matic” where dinner is only a push button away. Don’t forget your fully equipped relaxation center, air cooled or comfort heated depending on the season, waiting for you sit back and enjoy the pleasures that only technology can provide. Well now here we are firmly in the 21st century and where is my beautiful home? Where is my lap of technological luxury? The home of the future as promised is nowhere in sight. Or is it?



The smart lamp


Now here is some information about the first smart lamp from LG Electronics. It seems like the Light+Building show in Frankfurt, Germany has been a very busy time for manufacturers in the lighting design arena. LG Electronics has released what can only be described as a new paradigm in desk top lighting. I am intrigued with this latest cross-combination of technologies. LG has taken the curved OLED tech, which was developed for the latest generation of smart phones, and combined it with an APP so this sculpted red lamp can be controlled with your iPhone or Android, allowing you to adjust the lighting remotely.



Architectural Lighting Design – Clarke Caton Hintz  – Rutgers University


It is a pleasure to announce that a valued client, Carke Canton Hintz, is the recipient of the prestigious American Institute of Architects NJ merit award for excellence in architecture. The AIA has a long tradition of recognizing individuals and organizations for their outstanding achievements in support of the profession of architecture.



Architectural Lighting Design, Lighting Performance Calculator


Lighting design and lighting design technology is on the raise. Almost every week hear about some exciting new technology, innovation or tool.  The latest entry is a new web based tool from Guardian Industries. It’s free online and accessed from your desk top, or for the mobile, on a tablet. The lighting Performance Calculator is designed to enhance the designer ability to understand high performance glass and coatings in regards to day time lighting.



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